also being “”drunk”” was ultimately boring

i had a few shots of tequila but that did nothing much besides make me slur my speech more than i already do and kinda think slow (like we had a pug and oh my god it took a few seconds to register every time i died)

alcohol also burns like hell so i’m probably not doing that again

ok i couldnt meet kuma on monday bc my parents said i had to work on hw (coincidentally monday was the only day sato had the car and could drive me to burbank) but then today my mom asks me if i want to go to the mall? like? okay i couldn’t go on monday because you wanted me to work on homework but TODAY is okay because you wanted to????????? nice. fucking nice. she said she didnt want sato driving but why didnt she say that in the first place instead of “YOU NEED TO WORK ON HOMEWORK WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY” ??????????

jesus christ i hate my parents. not because they dont let me do things but because they try to cover up their reasoning with shitty flimsy excuses and im so tired of it

im probably going to be a bit drunk later if my mom leaves so Yes

also yesterday i was coughing a bit and my mom thought it was my sister and she was like “oh no are you sick? do you need to lay down? whats wrong” but then she found out it was me and she said “WHY DONT YOU TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF WHY ARE YOU SO MESSY THIS IS WHY YOURE SICK” and im very tired of being set to different expectations

just asked my mom if there was more bread and shes like WHY WOULD YOU ASK JUST EAT SOMETHING ELSE AND DO HOMEWORK WHY ARE YOU SO FAT like goddamn bitch no need to yell i just wanted some fucking bread

i want to crack myself in half

never felt like not wanting to talk to people so much holy fuck

i hate everyone

fucking hate my dad lol


YET another thing my parents ruin for me, unsurprisingly